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The Complete Guide To Layer Your Skincare Right, From AM to PM

Are you a person who bought a bundle of skincare products and don’t know what to apply first? Or anxious about choosing the wrong product and want to be gentle on your lovely skin with minimum products? Well, we have got you covered.

We were all in doubt when we first started layering our skincare products. Most of us still need to figure out what to apply and when is the right time. Don’t worry, as we have broken down the routine for you in steps for you to follow without any nuisance. 

But before jumping into AM and PM skincare routines, let’s understand why you need to follow the right sequence while using skincare. 

Why does everybody need an ideal skincare routine?

Your skin needs protection to fight the dirt, heat, and pollution outside. You must follow a skincare routine during the day before stepping out to defend your skin from damage. 

It must be done to nourish skin exposed to outside pollutants. And as you sleep, the skin care products help your skin absorb the nourishment and rejuvenate. Moreover, you will get gorgeous fresh skin the next morning.

Why skincare routine is important:

Here are some reasons why a skincare routine plays an important role in your life:

1. Maintains Healthy Skin:

Your skin is frequently exposed to environmental stressors, such as UV rays, pollution, and severe weather conditions, which can harm the skin wall and cause early ageing. Following a good skincare routine helps protect your skin by providing a barrier against these factors and maintaining a glowing and healthy skin barrier.

2. Keeps Skin Hydrated:

Moisturising is important in any skincare routine, as it aids in keeping the skin hydrated and controls flakiness and dryness. A lack of moisture can lead to fine lines, premature ageing, and wrinkles.

3. Prevents Breakouts and Acne:

A buildup of dirt, oil, and dead skin cells on the surface of your skin can lead to acne breakouts or clogged pores. Regular exfoliation and cleansing help remove unclogged pores and impurities and reduce the risk of breakouts. 

4. Decreases the Signs of Ageing:

The right skincare routine can help to lessen the signs of ageing, such as wrinkles and fine lines, by boosting collagen production and enhancing skin elasticity. The use of retinoids and antioxidants can also help to save the skin from UV damage and free radicals, which can rev the ageing process.

5. Boosts confidence:

Taking care of our skin can increase our trust and self-esteem. When you feel good about your skin, you are more likely to feel confident in your appearance and yourself.

Let’s Start with an AM Skincare Routine! 

If you don’t have time for a long morning skincare routine, this four-step formula is just for you! Cleanse, tone, moisturise and protect!

  • Cleanse

This step is really important, and you do not have to skip it even if you feel fresh after a great night’s skincare routine. Wash your face with a suitable face wash and remove all the impurities and dead skin particles. Moreover, make sure you’re using a sulphate-free and good-quality face wash as they clean your skin without irritating it.

Trio face wash
  • Tone

Do not forget to use your toner. It keeps your skin’s pH, hydrates, and tightens it to make your pores less visible. So this is one step that you should always take advantage of!

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  • Moisturize

Never skip your moisturiser even if you have enough moisture. If you have greasy skin or suffer from breakouts, use a gel-based moisturiser. The skin terminates sebum to nurture the skin. When the skin releases extra sebum than is required, it produces oily skin. Make sure to use moisturiser even if you have oily skin. It leads to acne breakouts, oiler skin, & even more. Moreover, always use a non-comedogenic, non-greasy face cream that nourishes the skin without making it oily or clogging your pores.

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  • Protect

Sunscreen is very important when you step out, and wear it daily to protect your skin from damage due to damaging UV radiation. Moreover, to protect your skin from harmful UV rays, apply Sunscreen with at least SPF 30. It will protect you from problems such as premature ageing, sunburn, and skin cancer!

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Never miss out on your PM routine!

The skin goes through a lot of dirt and dust throughout the day. Therefore, you must pamper it with much-needed care. So when morning arrives, your skin will be ready to face the challenges of a new day!

  • Take off all the makeup! 

It doesn’t matter how minimal or over your makeup is; the first step in your PM skincare routine. So removing makeup with remover is the first step in allowing your skin to breathe. Remove that makeup wall if you want your PM skincare products to absorb better.

  • Cleanse

Removing makeup is not enough! It would be best to clean the dirt, sweat & pollution collected on your skin. Face wash will do miracles for you here. Remember that washing your face is a good habit, but overdoing it can be ineffective. Limit yourself to washing your face only twice a day. Meanwhile, for a refreshed feel, wash your face with cold water. Moreover, use a face mist which will give an extra shot of freshness.

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  • Toner

Wait, Do you think I need to use it again? Yes, you have to. A good toner will help hydrate your skin at night. One reason toner is necessary is that it prepares your skin to absorb the products you’ll use. Moreover, it also intensifies your skin’s barrier & balances out pH.

You can use an alcohol-free rose water with skin-friendly ingredients, like niacinamide, rose water, or probiotics, to calm your skin & prepare it to fight harmful bacteria or any other dust particles.

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  • Serum

Serums play an important role in your skincare routine. You have to choose according to your skin type or condition. In other words, serums have rich formulations that provide precise treatments for specific problems.

You might wonder why you should use a serum when you can easily use a moisturiser. Well, a serum’s ingredients are significantly higher than what is present in a moisturiser. And if you imagine doing away with one or the other, you’re pretty wrong.

You can use an alcohol-free toner with skin-friendly ingredients, like niacinamide, rose water, or probiotics, to calm your skin & prepare it to fight harmful bacteria or any other dust particles.

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  • Night Cream

Each product is important; whether it is face cream or serum, both have different characteristics. The serum functions below the skin’s surface & nourishes it. But if we are talking about the face, the face cream works on the skin’s surface to lock in moisture and nourishment.

Moreover, ensure you provide your skin with that extra amount of nourishment. It works overnight to nourish your skin & heal it from the harm it suffers throughout the day.

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  • Sleep Mask

Fed up with the workload and want the simplest way to feel refreshed and help your skin rejuvenate. The easiest way is using a sleep mask and relaxing carefree. Also, wash your face with water in the morning to feel fresh and healthy.

The sleep mask is lightweight and gets absorbed in your skin & provides your skin with a boost of nutrition. It will benefit your skin in many ways. By applying a face mask, you wake up to beautiful & glowing skin in the morning.

It is also vital to use skincare products suitable for your skin type and also be aware of how your skin reacts to each product. Stop using the product instantly and confer with a dermatologist if you have any adverse reactions or irritation.

You can attain glowing and healthy skin by following a skincare routine and using high-quality skincare products. Moreover, be patient and consistent with your skincare routine, as it can take time to see considerable results.

Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is the right order of layering skincare products?

The major rule you must follow when layering skincare products is to use them from lightest to heaviest. The all-around product order is a cleanser, serum, toner, moisturiser, and SPF.

2. How do I start my skin routine?

For newbies, we suggest starting with a three-step routine—cleanse, moisturise, and apply sunscreen.

3. What order must serums be layered?

Serums are used after cleansing and toning or before moisturising. If you don’t like to use toner, then apply the serum straight after cleansing. 

4. Should we use sunscreen at night?

It is important to protect your skin from the sun by wearing sunblock or broad-spectrum sunscreen during the day, but you must wash it off before going to bed and use a night cream suited to your skin type and conditions.

5. Can I use vitamin C serum in the morning?

Yes, you can because using a vitamin C serum in the morning is considered more useful than using it at night, as it’s free of extremists that can cause damage to your skin throughout the day. Moreover, be sure to apply broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher if you use your serum in the morning.  


We hope this article will help you decide how to layer skincare, be it in the morning or evening. If you need help with your skin, we recommend seeking the advice of a skincare expert. Moreover, you can add ALNA skincare products to get the best possible results. For more information check out our website.

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