Tecotop SPF 30+| Sunscreen Lotion| |Fast Absorbing Smooth All Skin Types| | 100ML|


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Know your product
Tecotop SPF 30+ is a medically formulated ointment that will protect your skin from harmful UV radiations that causes tanning, sunburn, Sun spots, and skin cancer. It is blended with a number of medicinal herb surcharge almond oil aloe vera extract green tea sunflower oil zinc oxide and glycerine that nourishes and hydrates your skin while protecting your skin against the UVA and UVB rays. Tecotop SPF 30+ is a fast absorbing formula, suitable for all skin types. Using it regularly will make you notice healthy changes in the way your skin behaves with reduction in Sun sports and bouncy skin. Tecotop SPF 30+ also prevents premature aging by increasing the collagen and elasticity of your skin to make you look naturally youthful.

Benefits of Tecotop SPF 30+
Prevention against tanning
Turning is healthy and is nothing to be worried about. However, excess sun exposure is damaging to your skin cells and making them weak. Your skin cells are sensitive and therefore need a protective layer or coating against the protection of UV radiations. Tecotop SPF 30+ is therefore an essential ointment that you can use daily to protect your skin from getting damaged with excess exposure to the sun.

Sunspot reduction
UV radiations caused by the sun also result in other symptoms such as premature aging, sunspots, and sunburns. Tecotop SPF 30+ can help your skin by reducing such symptoms and promoting a healthy and youthful look.

Prevention against Skin cancer
UV radiation causes skin cancer which is excessively damaging and can prove to be fatal if not taken care with certain preventive measures. Tecotop SPF 30+ is one such preventive measure against skin cancer caused by UV radiations. It promotes healthy skin cells by increasing collagen and elasticity of your skin.

How to use it?
Step 1: Wash your face with a cleansing face wash and pat dry.
Step 2: Take Alna sunscreen lotion in 3 of your fingers and apply it directly to your face.
Step 3: Apply an even layer to your face and do not forget the neck for increased protection.

What’s inside (Key Ingredients)
Almond oil
Aloe vera extracts
Zinc oxide
Green tea
Sunflower oil

What to except from the Tecotop SPF 30+
Right blend of herbal ingredients
Tecotop SPF 30+ contains a perfect blend of almond oil, aloe vera extracts, green tea, sunflower oil, zinc oxide, and glycerine that provides the right nutrients to your skin with necessary vitamins and minerals and promotes healthy skin.

Best alternative for cosmetic
Wearing cosmetics to look younger has its negative sides because cosmetics contain a number of artificial and chemical ingredients that lead to skin diseases, pimples, acne, and irritation. Tecotop SPF 30+ is a perfect alternative for cosmetics to look and feel younger as it boosts collage and increases elasticity of your skin giving your youthful glow in addition to the UV protection.

Nourished and protected skin cells
Tecotop SPF 30+ has no chemical compounds that can cause side effects and it is suitable for all types of skin. It contains organic ingredients that do not disturb the natural oil balance of your skin but add to the protection of your healthy skin cells and give you a natural glow.

You can avail the benefits of spf with 2 different variants:
Alna SPF 30+
Tecotop SPF 30+

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Tecotop SPF 30+| Sunscreen Lotion| |Fast Absorbing Smooth All Skin Types| | 100ML|

Availability: 99 in stock