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Containing cleansing milk, face scrub, massage cream, face pack, and face moisturizing gel, Shrikaya DE-TAN Facial Kit is the full face Rejuvenator. The facial kit helps the skin look fresh, hydrated and glowing naturally without using harmful chemicals. In addition, it protects your skin from harmful Sun radiations and reduces the damage of UV rays. Less exposure to UV radiation also reduces skin diseases and ailments like eczema, rosacea, hybridization dehydration, sunburns, etc. and brings out pure and nourished skin.


Benefits of using the Shrikaya DE-TAN Facial Kit

Deep cleansing

Shrikaya DE-TAN Facial Kit provides an easy five-step treatment that cleans your skin deeply to remove all the impurities, trapped dirt, dust, and excess sebum. It exfoliates the skin surface gently and fights the free radicals that lead to skin diseases.


Reduction in blemishes

The five easy steps of the Shrikaya DE-TAN Facial Kit can help you achieve healthy skin as the natural ingredients in the treatments accelerate the repair damage process of your healthy skin cells and reduce dull, dark skin appearance with a healthy, glowy and youthful look. 


Prevents premature aging

Sun rays can damage this cancels adversely and lead to several serious diseases, including eczema, rosacea, dermatitis, psoriasis, and even skin cancer. The Shrikaya DE-TAN Facial Kit prevents your skin from UV radiation, effectively giving you a supple glow. In addition, the natural ingredients in the facial kit provide instant hydration to the skin and reduce the early signs of aging.


How to use it?

Step 1: Take face cleansing milk on a cotton pad and rub it on your face to clean it.

Step 2: Using the face scrub, massage the face to gently exfoliate the dead skin cells and remove black and whiteheads. Wash the scrub off with lukewarm water.

Step 3: The third step is to massage the face using massage cream to clean the dead skin off the skin surface. Then rinse off with the water.

Step 4: Use the face pack to let the essential oils and nutrients get soaked deep by your skin.

Step 5: The last step is to lock the moisture using the face moisturizing gel.


What’s Inside? (Key ingredients)

  • Glycerin
  • Vitamin E


What to expect from the Shrikaya DE-TAN Facial Kit?

Fights tan

Shrikaya DE-TAN Facial Kit effectively protects the skin from harmful you-be radiations that cause many serious skin almonds in addition to tan. You can see a visible reduction in hyperpigmentation, discolouration, and dark spots with the facial kit. It also fights skin tan and reduces dullness, making your skin look fresh and rejuvenated.


Even toned and textured skin

Shrikaya DE-TAN Facial Kit gently exfoliates dead skin cells and makes way for healthy and good skin surfaces to appear, significantly reducing textured skin and making it bright and even-toned.


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SHRIKAYA De -Tan Facial Kit || For Bright & Blemishes Free Skin ||