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A number of benefits are found in garlic. It prevents many diseases and enhances the functioning of the heart by maintaining a good cholesterol level and also enhances the immune system. Garlic is also used as a home remedy to fight diseases such as common cold. Number of Sulphur compounds are found in garlic which add to its medicinal qualities and provide nutrition to the body. Alna garlic tablets are made with a perfect blend of organic and natural herbs distilled to give you full benefit of the ingredients. Using the combination of ancient science with modern technology the garlic tablets will give you sound results with better and improved state of well-being.

Benefits of Alna Garlic Tablet
Numerous medicinal properties
Garlic is a popular ingredient used in cooking for its Aroma and taste but garlic also has numerous medicinal properties which is why it has been in consumption since ancient times. Garlic is known to contain sulfur compounds which are responsible for the nutritions balance in the garlic which improves and provides help benefits. It also contains manganese, Vitamin C, vitamin B, and selenium and it is low in calories that keeps the body metabolism safe and sound.

Contains active compounds
Cardiovascular diseases such as stroke and heart attack are not very uncommon. These are the results of high blood pressure and hypertension. However the studies shows that garlic supplements can impact effectively on reducing blood pressures and improve heart health as it contains active compounds

Improve heart health and prevent Alzheimer’s and dementia
The exposure to oxidative disturbs the free radical which leads to premature aging. Garlic consumption has proven to reduce premature aging in people due to the presence of antioxidant enzymes which also help prevent the brain dysfunctional diseases such as Alzheimer’s and dementia.

How to use it?
Step 1: Take 1 or 2 tablets twice a day with lukewarm water or consume as directed by the physician.

What’s inside? (Key Ingredient)
Magnesium stearate

What to expect from the Alna Garlic Tablet
Toxin free organic ingredients
Alna garlic tablets are safely produced and packaged without the use of any artificial or toxic component that can disturb or have a side effect to your health.

Detoxification of heavy metals in the body
Due to the presence of sulfur compounds in garlic it has been proved to protect the organs from heavy metal toxicity. The people who have high exposure to lead have studied to get it reduced in the blood by 19% only in a time span of 4 weeks. Garlic helps to improve bone health by increasing estrogen in females.

Overall healthy and long life
Ghalibramoats longevity and it has many long-term beneficial effects on health and immune system.

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