ALNAVEDIC Velfree Syrup || 200ml ||



This formulation made scientifically for management of constipation, bleeding and non bleeding piles. An excellent formula of Ayurvedic medicines to get relief from piles and the problems related to it.

Velfree is specially designed formulation for management of piles. It is a blend of highly effective herbal components of highest quality which acts as an anti-inflammatory and wound healing agent. Along with anti-inflammatory and wound healing properties, it has astringent, thrombolytic, stool softener, emollient and soothing action. It relieves spasm, itching and burning sensation related to piles (Hemorrhoids) is a perfect poly-herbal regime, developed and formulated on the scientific concept, which exerts overall therapeutic activity with safety in various types of piles and other disorders of the bottom. It is extensively used in the treatment of piles. It relieves constipation and helps in piles symptoms and gives long term relief form piles. Triphala, Jeemikand, Trikatu which are widely used in digestive health. It helps to provide relief in constipation and treatment recurrence of piles.

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velfree-5ALNAVEDIC Velfree Syrup || 200ml ||
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