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According to Ayurvedic theory, the pitta dosha in the body is what causes hair loss. Excessive consumption of alcohol, coffee, tea, tobacco, fried, spicy, and acidic food items, as well as hot weather, all aggravate the body’s pitta. But genetics can also play a role in hair loss. Whatever the cause, ALNAVEDIC Tablet’s precise herbal combination decreases and eventually stops hair loss. A safe and affordable alternative medicine to address hair loss issues is ALNA GO-LONG. If administered at the earliest stage of hair loss, we entirely treat it.


Benefits of using ALNAVEDIC Go-Long Tablets

  • Made with natural ingredients

Alna’s  hair fall control multivitamin tablets contain a healthy proprietary blend of essential Ayurvedic herbs like Shatavari, Ashwagandha, Amalaki (Amla), Guduchi, Shankha Bhasma, Bhringraj, Arjuna, Shankhapushpi, and Tapyadi Laha that are committed to providing you with the most amazing hair growth benefits.


  • Healthy hair growth supplement

By enhancing general health, it aids in maintaining the health of your scalp and hair. These hair development supplements are designed specifically for men and women who are experiencing hair loss, pattern baldness, and light to significant hair loss but have not yet experienced hair growth.


  • The claims are backed by science

Regular consumption of these Ayurvedic hair vitamins can help balance and rebuild your hair follicles and control hair fall concerns because they are rich in the richness of real, natural plant extracts.


How to use it?

Take one to two tablets two times a day or as directed by a physician. Swallow it with lukewarm water after meals. 


What’s inside? (Key Ingredients)

  • Amla
  • Kalonji
  • Palak
  • Vanslochan
  • Sodium Benzoate
  • Excipients


What to expect from ALNAVEDIC Go-Long Tablets?


Prevent early hair thinning

In fact, prevention is preferable to treatment. You may be able to prevent hair loss problems in adolescence if you acquire good hair care practices, such as applying oil to your hair on a daily basis. Ayurvedic hair loss tablets with bhringraj may be a safe, all-natural way to stop hair loss before it starts.


Nourishes Hair

Ayurvedic medicine with amla is believed to strengthen your hair roots and boost its strength for treating hair loss. Using herbal hair oils will help you grow thick, abundant hair. There are many herbal and chemical-based treatments for dry, brittle hair. Using ayurvedic tablets containing brahmi, jatamansi, amla, etc. is a natural cure for achieving your desired smooth, shiny, and silky hair.


Control hair bruising

Ayurvedic oil for hair loss can help you grow thick, healthy hair while also preventing hair breakage. Applying a good herbal oil on a daily basis will help prevent hair loss caused by thinning and lifeless hair. Do you struggle with frizzy, difficult-to-manage hair? Apply some ayurvedic hair oil to your hair and gently rub it in. In addition to nourishing your hair, it will make managing it simpler.


All in one hair treatment

Neem and methi, which are contained in ayurvedic hair oils for hair loss, can effectively clear up dandruff problems and cleanse your scalp. Herbs’ nutrients, in addition to their antifungal and antibacterial effects, promote hair development. Use an ayurvedic oil containing bhringraj to control the quantity of melanin in your hair, which helps to delay the appearance of premature grey hair. Since ancient times, ayurvedic herbs have been demonstrated to be a successful cure for hair loss. Ayurvedic oils like bhringraj, coconut, castor, brahmi, amla, and others that promote hair strengthening and growth naturally are used in the majority of ayurvedic hair fall remedies.


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