ALNA Walnut Face Scrub | Healthy-looking skin? Walnut is the answer!


Natural walnut shell particles found in Alna Walnut Face Scrub assist in removing blackheads, whiteheads, dead skin cells, and other skin pollutants to leave behind a healthy-looking appearance.


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Enriched with moisturizing and soothing aloe vera honey and aunty microbes such as Tulsi, haldi, Neem, and walnut, Alna walnut face scrub is the best addition to your skin care routine. Alna walnut face scrub contains natural walnut shell particles that effectively removes dead skin cells, whiteheads, blackheads, and other pollutants that can cause various harmful damages to the skin such as acne, redness, itching, and pimples and leave behind a purified healthy looking smooth skin. The walnut face scrub gently exfoliates the skins making the clean and vibrant layer of it pop out. The aloe vera extracts in the scrub nourishes the skin with required vitamins and enzymes that makes the skin glow. With other natural ingredients such as honey, Tulsi, and haldi the natural pH of skin does not get irritated by the scrub rather it creates a barrier against pathogens that can cause skin problems. Extracts of neem are effective in wound healing and therefore accelerate the repair of damaged or broken skin cells and replenish the new ones for a healthy and supple looking skin.

Benefits of Alna Walnut Face Scrub

Natural skin exfoliator
Walnut contains antioxidants and vitamin E that removes dead skin cells, germs, and debris from the skin surface preventing clogging of pores and excess oils to build up on the skin. Walnut scrubs can gently exfoliate the skin without disturbing or irritating the required oil balance of the skin and leaving refreshed and clean skin.

Brightens complexion
Vitamin B5 and Vitamin E that are found in walnuts are amazing skin brightening and tightening components, that leaves skin rejuvenated from within fading dark spots, tans, and hyperpigmentation and providing you a soft, smooth, and hydrated skin with an even looking complexion.

Heals and prevents skin injection
Walnuts are in rest with antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory agents that are effective for fighting with acne causing bacteria and other bacterial and fungal infections that can trigger a dysfunctional pattern in skin leading to problems like eczema and rosacea. Alna walnut face scrub contains extracts of neem, Tulsi, and haldi that accelerates the rate of healing such issues and protects the skin by creating a barrier leaving the skin nourished and radiant.

How to use it?
Step 1: To use the Walnut scrub, take a small amount of scrub into your hands and apply it directly to your dry face.
Step 2: Massage the scrub gently with your hands or exfoliating gloves. Scrub it for at least 30 seconds.
Step 3: Rinse the scrub softly with lukewarm water.

What’s Inside? (Key Ingredients)
Aloe vera

What to expect from Alna Walnut Face Scrub?
Dark spot and hyperpigmentation reduction
Alna Walnut face scrub will gently exfoliate the skin replenishing the skin cells with required nourishment. The neem, tulsi, and haldi extracts will prevent the disbalance of pH level, maintaining the natural oil balance of the skin leaving it supple and bouncy.

Enhances skin texture
The gentle walnut scrub will deep clean through the pores unclogging them and accelerating the repair of the damaged skin cells. It will help clean the dead skin layer present on the surface of the skin bringing out the natural glow from within.

Reduction in whiteheads, blackheads, and build-up of dead skin
Using the Alna Walnut scrub weekly will help remove the dead skin layer from your skin’s surface improving the overall texture and making it even tone by brightening it naturally. It will also help reduce the exposure to harmful pollutants causing acne and pimples to foster on your skin cells leading to breakouts.

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ALNA Walnut Face Scrub | Healthy-looking skin? Walnut is the answer!