ALNA Walnut Face Scrub +Alnalite-C Aloe Gel + Tecotop Cucumber Toner |Cool Soothing Skin|{Pack of 3}



ALNA WALNUT SCRUB – Enriched with moisturizing aloe vera, soothing honey and antimicrobials such as neem, haldi and tulsi, walnut scrub effectively exfoliates dead skin cells, blackheads and dirt and renders the skin smooth, clean and vibrant. Aloevera nourishes the skin as it is rich in various vitamins and enzymes.
It is also a good moisturizing agent .Honey regulates the natural pH of skin and prevents pathogens from growing on skin. Aloevera and honey are also proven to be effective in wound healing. They accelerate wound healing and assist in repair of damaged or broken skin.
Aloe Vera Gel : It helps to repair the skin and keeps the skin healthy and moisturized. It helps to control acne and keeps skin nourished. We at ALNA Biotech have taken the cue and bring to you Aloe Vera Gel that works like magic for both your skin and hair. It penetrates your skin and scalp to nourish & moisturize from deep within. It even unclogs pores, lightens and evens the skin tone. It provides nourishment to the skin and keeps it soft & supple.
In addition to this, it comes in 3 different variants namely ALNALITE-T GEL, ALNALITE-C GEL and ALNALITE-G GEL
ALNA Toner brightens your skin and reduces inflammation. A few sprays on the face soothes the skin and gives instant hydration while controlling excessive oil. It cleanses off toxins from the pores and helps to tighten them. Cucumber toner is also used to remove makeup.
In addition to this, it comes in Two different variants namely, Tecotop Cucumber Toner and Rose Water Toner

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alna gel facewash-A-1159ALNA Walnut Face Scrub +Alnalite-C Aloe Gel + Tecotop Cucumber Toner |Cool Soothing Skin|{Pack of 3}
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