Say bye to the sunburn and tan with ALNA Sunscreen Lotion

ALNA Sunscreen Lotion


Our sunscreen encourages suppleness while offering thoughtful sun protection. ALNA SPF 30+ offers vitamins B5, C, and E and natural sun protection. Additionally, it repairs scars, mattifies the skin, and delays the appearance of aging.

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Know your product

If you think that wearing sunscreen only protects against cancer then you are wrong as there are so many skin diseases and infections such as sunburns, Sun spots, premature aging, and tanning that happens due to the excess exposure of sun. Alna sunscreen lotion is all about the protection against the UV radiations causing harmful disease and skin issues. It is blended with healthy medicinal ingredients such as aloe vera extract almond oil zinc oxide green tea glycerine and sunflower oil which protects the sunscreen against UV rays and other damage while also promoting skin health.

Benefits of Alna Sunscreen Lotion

Reduced signs of aging

UV rays are extremely damaging to your skin texture as it destroys healthy skin cells and increases the chances of skin cancer. This all leads to premature aging but the only way you can reduce the signs of premature aging, fine lines, and wrinkles, is by wearing sunscreen everyday. In addition wearing sunscreen to text your skin again is a damaging collagen that UV rays result in and promotes elasticity to make the wrinkles go disappear.

Healthy cosmetic alternate

Alna sunscreen lotion is a good alternative for expensive and chemical cosmetics that can cause severe damaging reactions to your skin leading to dark spots, dull skin, increased pimples, and skin diseases. Wearing Alna sunscreen lotion instead will nourish your skin and provide a protective barrier against UV radiations that causes damage to your skin. It will also help your skin stay moisturized all the time.

Protection against skin cancer

Skin cancer is not uncommon with increasing global warming and UV radiations reaching the earth. One way you can prevent skin cancer is by wearing a broad spectrum sunscreen everyday for better protection. Alna sunscreen lotion is a broad spectrum lotion with SPF 30+ that offers full protection against UV radiations. Moreover, it also has vitamin B5, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E that reduces sunburns and skin tanning.

How to use it?

  1. Wash your face with a cleansing face wash and pat dry.
  2. Take Alna sunscreen lotion in 3 of your fingers and apply it directly to your face.
  3. Apply an even layer to your face and do not forget the neck for increased protection.

What’s inside (Key Ingredients)

Almond oil
Aloe vera extracts
Zinc oxide
Green tea
Sunflower oil

What to except from the Alna Sunscreen Lotion

Reduction in sunburns

Using Alna sunscreen lotion everyday will prevent the appearance of Sunspots and reduce the sunburns that can increase the risk of developing skin cancer.

No broken blood vessels

UV radiations can damage blood vessels causing them to get thinner. Thinning of blood vessels can leave bruises and lead to internal bleeding which is extremely harmful. Alna sunscreen lotion can prevent and avoid broken blood vessels by reducing this UV damage.

Healthy and youthful skin

With a number of healthy and medicinal herbs such as green tea, almond oil, aloe vera extracts, sunflower oil, and zinc oxides using the Alna sunscreen lotion everyday will give you a healthy looking youthful skin. Additionally, it reduce the signs of premature aging and give full protection against UV radiations.

You can avail the benefits of SPF with 2 different variants:

Alna SPF 30+
Tecotop SPF 30+

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