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A complete cure for bacterial infections such as pneumonia, plague, tuberculosis, bronchitis, etc Alna Provo Natura Tablets are a right supplement. Made with natural ingredients including banana, guava, tea leaves, Bael, etc Alna Provo Natura Tablets prevents bacterial infections by inhibiting the growth of certain bacteria promoting enzymes that can cause infection and targets the immune system. It also helps prevent the inflammatory diseases that occur in your lungs and improves your gut health by promoting a healthy digestive cycle. It does not cause side effects and bills up your immune system naturally.


Benefits of using the Alna Provo Natura Tablets

Prevents bacterial infections

Alna Provo Natura Tablets is a complete care for the bacterial infections such as chronic bronchitis pneumonia, chlamydia, plague, tuberculosis, etc it works by controlling the production of certain enzymes that promotes the growth of harmful bacterias that lead to infection, and improves the gut health.


Prevents Inflammatory diseases

Alna Provo Natura Tablets are also used in treating the inflammatory problems in lungs that are the result of pneumonia, influenza, and other bacterial infections. The bacteria growth in lungs causes a thick layer of mucus to build up in the lungs which increases the problems. The tablets contain some essential ingredients such as banana, bael, chai leaves, amrud, etc that helps in dealing with inflammatory diseases, in addition to healing the stomach problems. 


How to use it?

Take one tablet thrice a day with lukewarm or medium warm water or as directed by the physician.


What’s Inside? (Key ingredients)

  • Musa paradisiaca or Banana
  • Holarrhena antidysenterica or Kudachhal
  • Aegle marmelos or Bael
  • Punica granatum or Dadima
  • Camellia sinensis or Chai
  • Psidium guajava or Amrud
  • Sodium benzoate
  • Potassium sorbate
  • Excipients


What to expect from the Alna Provo Natura Tablets?

Improved gut health

The Alna Provo Natura Tablets contain a number of essential antibiotics that effectively treat conditions like infectious diarrhea, pneumonia, and tuberculosis, etc and promote a healthy digestive system which eventually leads to a better gut health. 


Strong immunity

Alna Provo Natura Tablets contain only natural daily used ingredients that are highly effective in treating upset stomach, loose motions, digestive problems, etc. It contains banana, guava, tea extracts, Bael, and more that helps not only in regulating a healthy digestion, but also enriches you with nutrients and minerals that positively impact your immune system and gives you strength.


Better bone health

Bacterial infections like tuberculosis and pneumonia also affect bone health and cause joint pains. Alna Provo Natura Tablets contain benefitting nutrients and antioxidants that treat the bacterial infection, boost up immunity, and give your body strength to prevent such infections in the future.


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