ALNA Kumkumadi Face wash |100ml| + Cream |50gm|+ Facial Kit |60gm| + Toner || The Essence of Ayurveda|| {Combo Pack of 3}



The Kit includes Kumkumwadi Facewash, Facial kit and Toner

Know your product

One of the best herbal ingredients to use in your skin care routine is kumkumadi. Known for its medicinal properties it has been used since the medieval period and has the properties to fight a number of diseases and skin related problems. Kumkumadi is mentioned in Ayurveda with several benefits and the purity of this medicinal herb has been passed on over generations as a beauty secret. The Alna kumkumadi facial kit is a perfect set to improve your skin texture with the goodness of the natural illuminator that is kumkumadi. Using the facial kit will make you notice a new and fresh look on your face with improved skin texture and tone with the reduction of pimples and wrinkles including other signs of premature aging. Alna Kumkumadi facial kit has a splendid fusion of medicinal herbs, fruits, milk extracts, and medicinal plants to enhance the after result. No artificial or synthetic ingredient has been used in the production; it is completely safe to apply for all skin types.


Benefits of Alna kumkumadi facial kit

Even textured skin

Kumkumadi facial kit will help you achieve even textured skin with minimum efforts and no side effects. It will moisturize your skin cells and brighten the complexion by evening out wrinkles, fine lines, and hyperpigmentations to make you look naturally beautiful.


Reduction in pimples and breakouts

The anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory properties of kumkumadi fights acne, pimples, dryness, and redness and removes the excess oil, dirt, and dust from the skin surface to prevent disease-causing pathogens from attacking your skin. 


Healthy and supple skin

Natural ingredients contained in the Alna kumkumadi facial kit gently change the dead skin cell out of your skin surface and accelerate the damage repair of the skin. The facial also improves blood circulations and gives your skin a natural glow with a brighter and tighter looking skin.


How to use it?

Step 1: Use the cleanser to clean out the dirt, dust, and excess sebum out of your skin.

Step 2: Exfoliate your skin with a gentle exfoliator and massage it.

Step 3: Apply the facial mask and apply a moisturizer in the end for a clean and hydrated look.


What’s inside? (Key Ingredients)

  • Kumkumadi
  • Milk extracts
  • Herbs
  • Fruits
  • Plant extracts


What to expect from the Alna kumkumadi facial kit?

Treats discoloration and hyperpigmentation

A number of medicinal herbal fruits plants that are blended together in the kumkumadi facial kit inhibits pigmentation causing enzymes to treat discoloration, dark spots, dullness, and redness. It also protects your skin from the UV radiations and sunburns.


Nourishes your skin from deep within

The healing properties of kumkumadi provide a balanced nourishment and even skin tone and leaves your skin hydrated and glowy for all day long.


It is available in 6 different variants are:

  • Alna Kumkumadi facial bar soap
  • Alna Kumkumadi face wash
  • Alna Kumkumadi Cream
  • Alna Kumkumadi Toner
  • Alna Kumkumadi Moisturizer
  • Alna Kumkumadi Tailam Oil 

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