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ALNA Charcoal +Alnalite-G Aloe Gel + Tecotop Cucumber Toner |Cool Soothing Skin|{Pack of 3}



Know your product

Prepared with nourishing ingredients this combo packs all pure detoxifying products including ALNA Charcoal Face Wash, Alnalite-G Aloe Gel, and Tecotop Cucumber Toner. The face wash contains detoxifying qualities of active charcoal which helps unclogs the pores, Alnalite-G aloe gel accelerates damage repair, and Tecotop cucumber toner prevents further breakage by preventing cell degeneration and makes you look younger naturally.


Benefits of using:

ALNA Charcoal Face Wash

Alna Charcoal face wash contains active charcoal that exfoliates the skin to remove out all the dust, dirt, impurities, and grime and protects your skin from fungi and bacterias. It also inhibits excess sebum production, preventing symptoms of premature aging and keeps your skin bright and healthy.


Alnalite-G Aloe Gel 

Alnalite-G Aloe Gel contains the goodness of ginseng that is effective in promoting cell regeneration. It also possesses other ayurvedic components such as aloe vera and tea tree oil that cures inflammatory diseases and relieves muscle tension. When applied to the hairs it fights weak roots and dandruff problems adding natural shine to your hair.


Tecotop Cucumber Toner

Tecotop Cucumber Toner made with ayurvedic ingredients hydrates the skin tissues preventing the changes in the natural oil production. It also promotes increased collagen and elastin in your skin to keep it looking healthy and supple for a long time.


How to use it?

ALNA Charcoal Face Wash

Apply a small amount of Alna Charcoal Face Wash directly on your wet face and give it a gentle massage. Rinse it off with water for a pure detox and have your skin look naturally youthful with a fresh glow.


Alnalite-G Aloe Gel 

Apply a small amount of Alnalite-G Aloe Gel evenly to your face to enrich it with essential oils and medicinal properties of aloe vera, tea tree oil, and ginseng. You can even apply the gel on your scalp before washing your hair to nourish the scalp and roots and have shiny smooth hair.


Tecotop Cucumber Toner

Spray Tecotop cucumber toner directly on your face and neck to let the hydrating oils and minerals get soaked in. Use a cotton pad to spread the toner evenly and let it dry to get naturally hydrated and even skin.


What’s Inside? (Key ingredients)

  • Active charcoal
  • Ginseng
  • Tea tree oil
  • Cucumber extracts
  • Rose extracts


What to expect from the ALNA Charcoal Face Wash +Alnalite-G Aloe Gel + Tecotop Cucumber Toner?

Deep cleansing products without any harmful side effects are highly in demand and this combo fulfills it very well. It contains the products that are naturally made, eliminating the stress of dealing with side effects, reducing blemishes and giving you a natural radiance. 


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