ALNA Alur Natural || Help in Gout and Uric Acid Problem || [10×10 Tablets]



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Alna Alur Natural tablets comprises the properties of ayurvedic ingredients containing anti-inflammatory properties that reduces inflammation around the joints and reduces the chances of severe diseases such as arthritis and gout. When the uric acid of your body increases it causes accumulation of toxic fluids which leads to inflammation. Consumption of tablets releases the inflammation and helps release those toxins through urination. It also helps in the purification of the blood and relieves joint pain.


Benefits of using the Alna Alur Natural tablets 

Reduces inflammation

Alna Alur Natural tablets are made with the goodness of ayurvedic ingredients that contain anti-inflammatory properties that reduce the inflammation in the joints that is present when uric acid is high. The accumulation of fluid and toxins causes these inflammation which get released through urination. Regular consumption of the tablets can reduce the accumulation of the toxins and eventually result in reduced inflammation.


Relieve pain in joints

Trikatu, Mulethi, guggul, are some of the pain-relieving compounds present in the Alna Alur Natural tablets. These ayurvedic ingredients do not cause any side effects that many other sedatives cause and reduce pain around the joints with the reduction in uric acid.


Purifies blood

The Alna Alur Natural tablets purifies the blood and reduces the uric acid levels resulting in the balance of overall metabolism.


How to use it?

Take one tablet three times a day with lukewarm water or as directed by your health professional.


What’s Inside? (Key ingredients)

  • Trikatu
  • Boerhaavia diffusa or raktapunarnava
  • Terminalia arjuna or arjun
  • Glycyrrhiza glabra or mulethi
  • Sasifraga ligulata or pashanbheda 
  • Commiphora mukul or guggul
  • Nigella sativa or kalonji
  • Tinospora cordifolia or giloy
  • Triphala
  • Sodium benzoate
  • Potassium sorbate
  • excipients


What to expect from the Alna Alur Natural tablets?

Strengthen bones

Alna Alur Natural tablets Pramod healthy and strong bones by increasing bond density and reducing the risk of gout and arthritis. The calcium and other nutrients containing Alna Alur Natural tablets relieves the muscle tension around the bones relaxes the joints and makes them functional.


Promotes healthy living

Rich in antioxidants, essential vitamins, and minerals, Alna Alur Natural tablets boost the overall health of the body by reducing inflammation in any part of the body and naturally reducing pain. Containing ayurvedic ingredients it does not cause any side effects and makes your body fit and healthy for a long time.


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