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Benefits of Activated Charcoal Face Wash: A Deep Dive into Its Cleansing Power

If you’re a skincare enthusiast, you’ve probably heard everyone gush about the benefits of using charcoal in skincare products. The powerful element activated charcoal is a blessing for your skin. Your pores will be thoroughly cleaned, and your skin will be detoxified. Because of its absorptive qualities, activated charcoal takes out pollutants from your skin, leaving it feeling clean. If you haven’t already, you need to incorporate it into your regular skincare regimen. Let’s discuss the advantages of charcoal in skincare and a few ways you might use charcoal to benefit your skin.

The newest skincare trends definitely support using natural and toxic-free products. People are moving to skincare products that would make their experiences better and be safe even when used frequently. Because it works like a magnet to readily attract out impurities and pollutants from the skin cells, activated charcoal is a common ingredient in skincare products. 

What is Activated Charcoal?

By preheating charcoal to extremely high temperatures, such as up to 6000 to 900 degrees Celsius, activated charcoal is a microporous carbon derivative. It is then heated up to 1200 degrees Celsius and exposed to oxygen. In some industrial processes, phosphoric acid, potassium hydroxide, sodium hydroxide, calcium chloride, and zinc chloride are also combined with charcoal and heated to 250 degrees Celsius. 

These two processes give the charcoal a microporous surface that allows it to absorb a variety of gases and pollutants. The process known as gas adsorption allows one gramme of this activated carbon to store up to 3000 square metres of gases.


Benefits of ALNA Charcoal Face Wash

1. Control excessive oil

With the daily pollution and dust that our skin is exposed to, especially in cities, it is quite simple to get oily skin. Face cleansers containing charcoal can be really beneficial in such a scenario. It removes excess oil from the skin that has become stuck in the pores, leaving the face moisturised and clean.

2. Acne treatment

Charcoal treatment is thought to be one of the most effective acne remedies. Because charcoal face wash draws pollutants from the skin, it kills the bacteria that cause acne. It also aids in reducing inflammation, keeping the pores clean, and making your skin acne-free.

3. Cleans blackheads

Blackheads are annoying, aren’t they? They stick on the skin so tight that you dread the parlours’ clean-up sessions. For this same reason, charcoal-based face washes are here to help you. Since charcoal-based washes can sink deep into the pores, they also suck out all the blackheads and bacteria.

4. Detoxification of skin

Makeup, dirt, or oil accumulates in the skin’s pores making your skin dull. And if an ordinary face wash does not give your face that glow, try out ALNA charcoal face wash. Moreover, its deep cleansing will definitely rejuvenate your skin, giving it an instant glow and fairness.

5. It eliminates dead cells

Face washes based on charcoal also have the ability to remove dead skin cells and clean the skin to the core, leaving the skin flawless.

6. Firmer and tighter skin

Aside from providing you with perfect skin, charcoal-based face washes are also believed to help tighten and firm loose skin. It helps in the reduction of wrinkles and fine lines, hence preventing premature ageing of your skin.

Presenting ALNA Charcoal Face Wash

Oily skin could be quite a burden, especially if you are a working professional or teenager. It is usually not easy to live with that distinct oily and sticky face whenever you wake up after a night’s sleep or sit for a couple of hours.

While it is impossible to get rid of your skin texture or type, it surely is possible to keep the greasiness issue to a bare minimum. It is where picking a safe and toxin-free face wash is useful. We recommend opting for our ALNA Charcoal Face Wash which helps eliminate grime, dust, and pollutants from your face.

Powered by Pollution Defense Formula, this helps unclog skin pores and detoxify the skin of impurities and excess oil. Moreover, this activated charcoal-based face wash is enriched with charcoal, Tea Tree oil, and many other ingredients that promote new skin cells and move out dead skin cells. Therefore, this activated charcoal face wash helps the skin cells and empowers them with its antibacterial properties. 


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does a charcoal face wash do?

A charcoal face wash helps detoxify skin by removing impurities from the skin, and it acts as a magnet and removes dirt and oil to unclog pores. Moreover, it gives you brighter and acne-free skin.

2. Is charcoal face wash suitable for oily skin?

Yes, a charcoal face wash is a perfect pick for people with oily skin. It removes excess oil from the skin, helps control oil production, and gives an oil-free and matte look.

3. How often should I use charcoal face wash?

Use the charcoal face wash twice daily for visible results if you have acne-prone and oily skin. For combination and normal skin types, you can use face wash once or twice a day as required.

4. Is Activated Charcoal Safe for Any Skin Type?

Most facial products containing activated charcoal are safe for oily, dry, and combination skin.

5. Can charcoal darken my skin?

No, charcoal powder keeps your skin flawless and helps draw impurities from the pores. 

6. Is charcoal face wash good for daily use?

Yes, charcoal face wash shows results when used daily. It has activated carbon that wipes out toxins, bacteria, and impurities from the skin. Using it regularly helps cleanse clogged pores, purify the skin, and lessen blackheads.


Activated charcoal has lots of benefits for the skin. Not only it helps oily skin, but it can do wonders for any skin type too. For instance, activated charcoal-enriched skin care products can aid you in getting smooth and clear skin. 

It would also help shrink the pores and give a blemish-free or clear appearance. So get ready to get beauty praises from the beauties around you. However, it should also be noted that there could be some perceived disparities in the outcomes of different complementary aspects like sleeping patterns, eating habits, anxiety, and exposure to sunlight.

At ALNA, we have the best skin care products that help fix your skin woes with the soft touch of nature. You can walk through our beautiful range of skin care products with face gels, cleansers, scrubs, creams, face packs, etc., and order your unique skincare collection. 

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